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The Strange Recital

The Strange Recital is an audio anthology of short fiction. It is not genre-specific and delights in perceptions of reality that warp and fold in unexpected ways. The literary works we showcase might be odd, humorous, or surreal.... They might remind you of Borges, Nabokov, Kafka, Pynchon. Or none of the above.
Each podcast episode features one writer and runs about 20 minutes. It includes a story reading – the Recital – a brief musical interlude, and an author interview with a twist – the Post Recital. Subscribe to get a new episode twice a month. It's free.

Jul 22, 2018

"They inhaled deeply, the warm organoleptic confluence of fictional flavors infusing them with a kind of charmed glow that they could never attain through mere sexuality..."


What exactly is going on between these two young people? The police would like to know. An investigation is underway.

Jul 8, 2018

"Light seeped through her eyelids and, though she wasn't quite awake, she could feel that she had a body, and that her body lived in the real world. The real world of pain."

What if you awoke to discover you had been forever changed? Is it the end of you? Maybe this is the story of a new beginning, a thorny rebirth.